Friendly and scalable websocket server for applications

Open source

BSD License gives you the freedom to use and redistribute server in both free and commercial software without restrictions. Channelstream is built in Python language so it is easy to extend and modify the functionality of the server itself.

Easy to use

Simple REST JSON interface allows all kinds of processes to communicate with the server. Python, PHP, JS, web applications, crons, worker queues can send messages to currently listening clients.

Because the server is a standalone process it can be isolated in your infrastructure and deployments to your application do not break active connections.

Simple communication

All visitor communication is expected to pass via normal web application, so existing security infrastructure can be used for validation and authentication of clients and their messages.

Easy to understand channel/user system allows for fast building of notification systems, chat applications or even game servers.

Example: Send message to channel

Broadcast a message to all users listening on `/index` channel

                "user": "system",
                "channel": "/index",
                "message": {"text": "this is some text", "counter": 99}